The Team

Anita Ganesh

With a passion for success, Ms. Ganesh always sees herself as a discipline individual focused on achieving the best results. With an opened mind and determination aimed in the success direction she confidentially held her ground when she decided to make her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur at the tender age of twenty-seven. With a love for Marketing, Sales and Public Relations she gathered her five years of experience in Administration and her four years in Sales and Marketing and set sail on growing her clients in the areas that matters the most: Marketing, Sales, and Public Relations.

Her power to sit in her client's chair and listen to every detail of their request and then bouncing back in the seat of ProMarketing and delivering the results has been her greatest attribute for success. Her team playing skills has allowed her to deliver the greatest concepts by allowing others you least expect to be a part of the drawing board. Her fast drive for conflict resolution has also played a key role in her client relation portfolio.

Ms. Ganesh believes in empowering young people despite their race, political background or even educational background. Once there is a drive in you, consider yourself a part of the team and together WE ALL GROW...

Leon Fitzpatrick

Mr. Fitzpatrick is a marketing virtuoso who has broken moulds and rethought the possibilities of marketing. His tenures include over six years’ experience in the marketing and distributions sector and 1 (one) year as a lead consultant in strategic sales and marketing. He has worked with over thirty brands both regionally and internationally, for 2 (two) massive conglomerates and a large local distributor.